It`s with pleasure that I would like to announce that my article “Pohlad na Egypt a krajinu Gosen z hladiska exodu v pol. 16. stor. pred n. l.” (A View of Egypt and the Land of Goshen from the Perspective of the Mid-16th Century BCE Exodus) has appeared in the last issue of Studia Biblica Slovaca (1/2011). Unfortunately for the English speaking readership, the article was published in Slovak. In it I present a view of Egypt from the point of view of the Exodus/Conquest in the mid-16th century BCE (although some important facts are updated compared from the information that is posted on this blogsite in the “Egypt” file) and there is also some other basic information included in the article that is to be found here in the other files. Hopefully there will be more articles to follow in the future.

7 Jan 2012


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